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Grandfather, 69, With Terminal Cancer Gets Full Time Job So He Can Pay Off Home For His Family

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When you find out youre dying, you treatment of geographic tongue realize your family and friends are so important. After hearing Kens story, Uber has stepped up to help him reach his goal. Uber donated $5,000 as well as donated $1 to a GoFundMe campaign that was set up for Ken for every rider that enters UberPartnerKen into their app when they request a car before Monday, reports the Daily Mail. All of this help is the result of a geographic tongue pain college student stepping up to help Ken after he took a ride in his car. During that ride, Ken and 22-year-old Roland Gainer, who needed a ride to downtown Ann Arbor to meet friends, got to talking. The conversation started as casual then got much deeper when Ken told Gainer that he had terminal cancer , stage four oropharyngeal cancer with lung metastases. I was asking him if he liked Uber driving and then he explained how much he loved it because he got to meet new people, and it was also helping him earn extra money before dying because he had head, tongue and throat cancer, Broskey told ABC News. I felt super-compelled to help him. His situation reminded me of the helplessness I felt watching my mother battle (but beat) cancer when I was in high school Roland Gainer wrote on the GoFundMe page he set up. In just a few days, the campaign had almost reached its goal of $95,000.
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Odds of Winning Lottery: 6.5% Connor McDavids Nickname If Drafted: Crosby Sucks Why We Should Pray They Win Lottery: Because after Roswell, the Kennedy Assassination and the Patrick Ewing frozen envelope , it would be genuinely refreshing to have at least one conspiracy theory validated. Why We Should Pray They Dont Win Lottery: Because wed really like to buy a McDavid jersey at some point, and this would render it impossible. Odds of Winning Lottery: 7.5% Connor McDavids Nickname If Drafted: Connor McDevil Why We Should Pray They Win Lottery: This would get McDavid into the New York sports market; and since hell play in New Jersey, that means hell be at a minimum the 24th or 25th most famous athlete in New York, behind the Yankees No. 3 starter and ahead of the Giants long snapper. Why We Should Pray They Dont Win Lottery: Hmmm lets see do you want the next Sidney Crosby wearing Lou Lamoriellos media muzzle and posting 70 points a season playing, ahem, positional defense? Odds of Winning Lottery: 8.5% Connor McDavids Nickname If Drafted: Connor McRib Why We Should Pray They Win Lottery: Dale Junior, diving the No.
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