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Sofia Vergara Snapchat Reality Series - Business Insider

Are These Medieval Pictures Proof Aliens Really Did Visit Earth In The Middle Ages?

Medieval Monsters The "Modern Family" star's new six-episode serieswill be "a tongue-in-cheeklook at the [thespian's] career through the perspective of her son, Manolo Gonzalez Vergara," according to Variety. Manolo finally graduated, and I am very happy for his alliance with Fusion to create such an innovative series, Sofia Vergara said in a statement. pictures of geographic tongue Besides Vergara's series, Fusion already has a Snapchat presence: the news and entertainment outlet is one of Snapchat's Discover content partners, and broadcasts news updates in a number of languages on the platform. "Vergaraland" won't be the first original series to debut on Snapchat. In February, a series called "Literally Can't Even" premiered on Snapchat's Discover feature.Discover allows Snapchat users to view pieces of news in the form of Snapchat Stories.
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The map depicts Christ watching over a circular earth surrounded by a vast ocean. Asia sits at the top, Europe is situated on the lower left, Africa is its neighbor, and Jerusalem takes center stage. The Psalter World Map portrays the remote, hostile, and inhabitable places discussed by Piny the Elder, Herodotus, and other authors from antiquity, which, as the Medieval Monsters authors explained, were known as the monstrous zone. The fact that the world is round was already known in the Greco-Roman period and transmitted as such to the medieval period. The Psalter World Map, thus called because it was included in a thirteenth-century English psalter, is representative of western maps of the time, with Jerusalem located in its centre and its peripheries inhabited by monstrous creatures. The monstrous zone, depicted as a band of tiny orange and blue compartments, is found along the coast of Africa. Not surprisingly, it stands at the very periphery of the known world, bordering on the coldest [source] and hottest regions. The monsters who stalked the Middle Ages like an ungodly plague were routinely identified by their physical deformities. Some of the creatures from the abyss would have no heads and a solitary eye situated in their chest or ears which look like arms. So bizarre do these unfathomable creatures seem that their appearance is as alien best site to us now as it would be to our god-fearing ancestors.
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