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Va Ann Arbor - First Va In The Country To Offer Laser Stone Removal "stone Dusting" Procedure

I cant believe the difference it has made. I feel like a new person. Cole said he was plagued 15 years ago with a series of stones that eventually passed naturally, but had several that were too large to pass on their own, so he went to another hospital where kidney stone size chart he underwent the Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) procedure. I was placed in a tub of water and they used a type of sonic pulsation to break up the stones. It was like a shotgun going off every half second over an extended period of time, said Cole. It did work, thats the important part, but my kidneys and body were very sore. I felt like I was physically beaten by a group of people all over my body and it took several weeks to fully recover. Cole said he had a very different experience at VAAAHS with the Stone Dusting procedure. I was asleep for the initial phase of the procedure so I didnt feel anything, said Cole.
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Robert DeWitt: WWII veterans are pieces of living history - News - Plaquemine Post South - Plaquemine, LA - Plaquemine, LA

He joked that it was an M-1 because it only fired one bullet at a time, not like the fully automatic M-16s issued to contemporary soldiers. He laughed at his own joke. As the years went by, I found that the old soldiers got more talkative, and their stories got more detailed and in some cases, more graphic. I had been surrounded by combat veterans all along. Its just that they were silent. I dont know why they shed their reluctance to talk. Maybe they figured they were running out of time to tell their stories.
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Boombox: Dad Bod

photo 15cb3394-7fc9-4c16-aff3-ab733cd711d3_zpstabv0bet.jpg My wife got pregnant. I had a decent wage, a small child and very little spare time. I enjoy a beer. I enjoy a take away. I dont enjoy going to the gym anymore. Obviously my body started to change. Im certainly not fat.
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First In Humans Clinical Trial Demonstrates Non-Invasive Expulsion of Kidney Stones | SpaceRef - Your Space Reference

Dr.Jonathan Harpersaid, "I am excited about presenting our findings at this year's AUA annual meeting. Not only does our ultrasound technology safely move and expel kidney stones, but also it is performed this one in the clinic setting without pain. The impact of this technology on the US healthcare system is substantial because more Americans experience nephrolithiasis, or kidney stone disease, than develop diabetes or heart disease. Kidney stones cause severe pain, obstruction of the urinary tract, and loss of worker productivity.
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